Страна: Литва
Город: Vilnius
Присоединился: 11 лет назад
Пол: Мужской
Семейное положение: Открыт(а)
Добавил: 6 видео , 3 альбома
Возраст: 31
Ориентация: нет данных
Избранные: ничего
Обо мне: Jevgenijus Bogdanovas / Je Boogie He was born October 28, 1992 in Vilnius (Lithuania). His interest in music occurred very early, already at the age of 14 years, he discovered his favorite style. When he was 16 years old, first appeared Švenčionėliai Cultural Centre. Je Boogie said: - Next to me is the "DJ" from which we can learn to give good advice. His first important appearance was in 2010 DJ Arena. In 2011 took part in the "FIGHTER DJ"contest, won and got the opportunity to prepare mix'ą Volume Radio show" Soul Of Trance. His mix'as Volume Radio waves sounded 2011-07-26, 2011-07-28 and received a proposal from Robert Jančuno (Limpar) to contribute to the Volume radio team. Within a few days in the Volume Radio broadcasts included a list of "Je Boogie" release "Broken Wave". 2012 "Broken Wave" show changed its name to "Broken Evening." 19 years old "Je Boogie has released its first remix'ą: MC Flipside feat JoeySuki - Feel So Good (Je Boogie Remix). Je Boogie said: - Work will continue without lowering the hand to regale his audience.